About Dr.

A psychiatrist can provide effective treatment for all kinds of psychological and behavioural problems. Different surveys conducted by various organisations like W.H.O, etc, clearly show that that a there is a crying need for psychiatrists in our country and the ratio between psychiatric patients and doctors is very poor in India.

Dr. Arijit Dutta Chowdhury is a psychiatrist in Kolkata. He is well versed with human psychology as well as neuropsychiatric conditions. With the use of scientific medicines and therapies, he is providing successful general psychiatric treatment in Kolkata. He is also providing treatment to special populations like children with psychiatric disorder, old age people with psychiatric disorders, people with alcohol or drug addiction etc.

The need of proper diagnoses and identification of the psychiatric diseases is the first and foremost step in providing proper treatment to a patient. In most of the psychiatric illnesses, it is not possible for even an educated person to find out the psychiatric symptoms of a psychiatric patient. Therefore, a visit to a psychiatrist is a must to identify the illness as well as its severity. Another myth that is associated with mental illnesses is that there is no treatment to the mental problems and a doctor can only successfully treat the physical problems, not the mental problems.

Most of the patients feel uncomfortable discussing sexual problems even with doctors. But a frank discussion with the specialist can solve most of these problems. More than 90% of the sexual problems are psychological in origin and are known as psychosexual problems. So, most of the times, consulting a psychiatrist cures these problems.     

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